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During the first half of the year the junk consumption decreased by 10,5% in key Countries for steel industry. The BIR (Bureau of Intenrational Recycling), during its last updating of “World Steel Recycling in Figures”, declares << Covid-19 caused a negative impact on junk global consumption compared to steel production>>.

In the BIR’s monitored area, in the first semester of the year 209,8 millions of junk were consumed, 34 millions less than the same period of 2019. BIR writes <<All the Countries registered a contraction>>.

In EU 28, the reduction is 13,3 % (39,8 millions of tons). The European junk export decreased by 10,7%, it stopped at 9,8 millions of tons. <<Despite that, the European Union is still the main junk exporter in the world>>. Shipments to Turkey increased by 2,6% (3,1 millions of tons), as much as Pakistan (733 thousand of tons, +3,5%) and Switzerland (200 thousand of tons, +11,5%). Export to India dropped by 50,5% (560 thousand of tons). The major European exporter is Great Britain with 2,5 millions of tons (-25,2%).

Also the European import is negative, it decreased by 9% with 1,4 millions of tons.

In the United States junk consumption fall by 18,9% (20,2 millions of tons), in Russia by 7,3% (14,5 millions), in Japan by 19,8% (14,3 millions), in South Korea by 8,3% (13,6 millions).

The contraction registered in Turkey is more limited: here junk consumption decreased by 4,3% with 13,6 millions of tons. The BIR notices that the junk import in the Country is increased: abroad’s purchases are grown by 7,8% in the first half of the year, reaching 9 millions of tons. The pandemic Covid-19 doesn’t conditioned the Turkey’s role as the major junk global importer.

Talking about China, during the first semester of the year junk consumption decreased by 7,3% with 93,7 millions of tons. Nevertheless, a huge growth has been registered throughout the second trimester (+25,7%). <<In the next ten years a rapid growing>> consumption is expected, considering also that in the near future this Country will improve its production using electric oven, with a total amount of 60 millions of tons.



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