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In EURO sider SCALO S.P.A. we handle high-quality special steels since 1987. We have a wide range of diameters from mm 20 to mm 1000 in different special steel qualities, this allows our customers to optimize machining allowance in order to reduce the costs.

Our target markets are MECHANICAL (gears, reducers, earth-moving machinery, industrial vehicles, automotive), OIL & GAS, HOT-FORGING.

Our steels come from the best EU and extra-EU steel mills, which have the most specific certifications requested by the market. In this way we can satisfy the highest quality demand of our customers.

Thanks to the use of the latest generation of tools, our operators can safely manage the material and to track the entire supply chain at any time.

We aim to provide a quality service for bars and cut pieces that comply with the most demanding expectations of our customers.

Our Customer Care Service guarantees all the necessary assistance regarding technical and commercial requests.

Our computer system allows us to get all the information to process the orders in a clear and accurate way.

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