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<<What I notice is certainely an interesting reawaken for the long stainless’ marketplace – a Siderweb’s  employee explains – which confirms what it was emerged during the last few months. September was a good month and also in the first half of October the ordering level on Italian market was very satisfying>>.

The whole vision changes if the point of view is extended: <<Abroad the situation is different and it is less satisfying, because some Countries such as UK, France and Spain have several and serious difficulties, meanwhile Germany, Czech Republic and Poland give more satisfaction>>.

Concerning the prices <<we are in a balance condition for all range of products, even though it is expected an increasing nickel’s value, however there are still too many unstable elements >>.

Beginning with << theory related to return of Covid-19 and the risk of others restrictions on manufacturing activities and goods transit>>.

According to the employee, this possibility <<would be a tragedy for all producers and traders, not only in long stainless industry but for the whole supply chain and, for this reason it will be necessary a great caution’s approach by the Government>>.



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