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In Novemberaccording to the second report by Istatindustrial production prices decreased by 0,2% on a monthly basis and by 2,3% on an annual basis (it was -2,4% in October). 

On the domestic market the industrial production prices recorded a cyclical decrease by 0,2% and a trend decline of 2,8%. Net of the energy sector, prices increase by 0,1% on a monthly basis and by 0,3% on a yearly basis. On the foreign market prices decrease by 0,1% (+0,1% for the euro-area, -0,2% for the non-euro area) and record a less decline than that on the domestic market (-1,1%; -0,5% for the euro area, -1,6% for the non-euro area). 

In the September-November quartercompared to the previous one, industrial production prices record an increase by 0,9%, caused by the growth of prices on the domestic market (+1,3%) while prices on foreign market are slightly down (-0,2%). 

In November, among the manufacturing activities, the highest trend increases concern the sector of other manufacturing activitiesrepair and installation of machinery and equipment (+2,3% non-euro area) and transport (+1,4% domestic market, +1,7% non-euro area). The largest declines, on all three markets, are recorded for coke and petroleum products (-19,6% domestic market, -5,6% euro area, -23,7% non-euro area) and chemicals (-1,3% domestic market, -4,8% euro area), -5,2% non-euro area). 

According to Istat, in November, construction prices for “residential and non-residential buldings” decreased by 0,2% on a monthly basis and increase by 0,2% on a yearly basis. Prices of “Roads and Railways” decreased by 0,1% on economic terms and increased by 0,7% in trend terms. 



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