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Three generations that have put their roots in steel. Euro Sider Scalo’s history goes back a long way: half a century living off and for steel.

In 1955 Pietro Pastorelli inaugurated the first forge in Berzo Inferiore (BS) in the heart of the Valgrigna valley, better known as the “valley of hammers”. An area, in the county of Brescia, which is brimming in iron and steel works, mining and furnace traditions, and people committed to steel. And it is here that the “Pastorelli” forge activities commence.
From forging spades, shovels and picks exploiting the mineral from the nearby “Mine”, the next step branches out to the iron works sector with the Trevalli plant which was opened in 1964. It is the founder, this time with the help of his sons Carlo, Innocenzo, Ferruccio, Dino and Andrea, who starts producing rods for reinforced concrete which was to continue uninterruptedly for a further thirty years.

But the world changes and in turn so does the rod market. Restructuring of the compartment led to the closing of the iron works but it was by no means the end of business. Quite the contrary. In 1977 the family took over COMS S.p.A. (Carpenteria Officina Meccanica Specializzata SpA) with a spin-off that led to the founding of Euro Sider Scalo S.p.A. focusing on the marketing of iron and steel products.

2000 marked the year the company gained ISO 9001 certification: a milestone which was just the beginning of its striving to achieve continual improvement of product quality. This is where the most recent, but certainly not last, link of the long chain that ties Euro Sider Scalo to half a century of steel has its roots. Today, it is the third generation with Nicola Pastorelli and Mauro Abondio, who are at the helm of Euro Sider Scalo in a constantly changing market which is consistent with its customer requirements: quality of products and services along with rapid deliveries.