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The global steel production registered in September was 156,4 million tons, increased by 2,9% compared to September 2019.


WSA: produzione mondiale in crescita a settembre

In the first nine months of the year the global production was 1.347,4 millions of tons, decreased by 3,2% in comparison with the same period in 2019. Asia highlights a growing of 0,2%, meanwhile the EU reports a loss of 10%, Csi of 2,5% and North America of 18,2%.

The disparity among the various areas of the world is evident, particularly during the month of September: China produced 92,6 milion tons of rough steel, increased by 10,9% in relation to September 2019. The steel production grows up even in South Korea: 5,8 millions (+2,1%), in Turkey (3,2 millions, +18%) and in Brasil (2,6, +7,5%).

At the same time, several Countries complain steps backwards: India produced 8,5 million tons, decreased by 2,9%; Japan 6,5 (-19,3%); Germany stopped at 3 (-9,7%); Italy at 1,8 (-18,7%, this data is confirmed by Federacciai); France at one million ( – 20,1%); Spain at 900 thousands (-20,7%), Csi at 8,2 millions (-0,3%), Ukraine at 1,7 (-5,4%); the United States at 5,7 (-18,5%).

Still for this time, Vietnam points out for the export growing: in September it registered an increased by 45% to 2,321 millions of tons and in the first nine months of the year it reached the 17,680 millions (+14,8).

World Steel Association datas can be consulted by click here.



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