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Quality 16MnCr5
Category Special steels
Standard ref.
EN 10084
Werkstoff nr. 1.7131


16MNCR5 It is an excellent case-hardening steel which combines the high hardness of the cement layer with an excellent core toughness. It is easily hot machinable and weldable. It can be supplied in rolled bars, peeled bars or drawn bars, in addition to forged bars. It is the most suitable among special steels for the manufacturing of mechanical elements such as pinions, racks, shafts, gears and universal joint.

Chemical composition 16MnCr5 (%)
min max min max max max min max max
0,14 0,19 1,00 1,30 0,035 0,035 0,80 1,10 0,40

Mechanical characteristics 16MnCr5

  Hot rolled normalized
of the specimen in mm)
  Ø 11 Ø 30 Ø 63
Yield Limit, Rp0,2 (MPa) min 735 490 440
Tensile Strength
m (MPa)
min 1030 740 685
max 1375 1030 930
Elongation A (%) min 8 9 10
Resilience Kv (J) min 25 25 25
Hardness HB min 310 225 205
max 420 310 285

Matches table 16MnCr5

Italiy (UNI)
Europe (EN)
Germany (DIN)
France (AFNOR)
United Kingdom (BS)
16MnCr5 16MnCr5 16MnCr5 16MC5 590 A 15 PS 59
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